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Tab King Pro is a Retail and Gaming point of sales system. This system acts as the best assistant you will ever have. Gathering everything you need to know, and track about your business. Then delivering it to you in one simple and easy to read report that identifies ways to increase earnings for your organization.

Tab King Online

Every Tab King Pro comes with free access to Tab King Online. Tab King Online is a reporting and business management platform, that can let you run your business from anywhere in the world. With advanced analytics and reporting, you will never need to spend hundreds of hours trying to oversee your business. You didn't get in business to do paperwork, let us help you get your life back.

Tab King Pull Tab Point of Sale

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Tab King is a subscription based Bar, Restaurant, Pull Tabs and Bingo Hall software solution that features integrated Point of Sale, automated inventory management, customer management and analytics for Food & Beverage, Pull Tab Gambling and Bingo. Hardware, software and support are all included in the purchase price of the Tab King Bar and Gaming Point of Sale solution.

You will Love Tab King Pull Tab & Bingo POS


Tab King offers features such as age verification, commissions, mobile analytics and loyalty rewards programs. Tab King processes transactions with debit cards, credit cards, cash and gift cards, and is fully PCI compliant. Tab King is the only PCI compliant Point of Sale system that accepts credit cards for Pull Tabs & Bingo in states where not prohibited.

Kickstart Your Buisness With Tab King PullTab Bingo Bar POS


Your staff will spend less time interacting with our software and more time interacting with customers don't get stuck crunching numbers. Let us do it for you. Tab Kings feature-rich reporting will enable you to know where your business is financially at all times. Tab King was designed from the ground up to provide the level of accountability and security needed to run any organization, whether it be a Bar, Restaurant, Pull Tab Shop or Bingo Hall.


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Employee Access Controls
Assigns roles to employees. Get control over which servers have access to different reigster functions, such as discounts, refunds and reports.

Inventory Tracking
Get realtime inventory information for any item.

ID Age Verification
Swipe or scan an ID and Tab King will notify you if the person is underage or not.

Split Checks And Adjust Tips
Easy check splitting integrated into the barisde system. Adjust tips with an easy one tap button.

Analyze Sales Trends
We'll crunch the numbers, giving you easy, clear to read data when you need it.

Smart Alerts And Notifications
Tab King will alert you to unbalanced registers and any other possible conflicts in realtime.

Summarize The Day
Close out a shift with an easy one tap button. Compare totals for breakfast, lunch and dinner seamlessly.

Vouchers And Loyalty Cards
Manage loyalty cards by quickly scanning, viewing then making adjustments all from one intuitive screen. Generate vouchers on the fly with Tab King VoucherMate™

Credit Payments Are A Breeze
We take the hassle out of accepting credit payments. Using an industry standard secure, powerful payment processing system that is directly integrated into Tab King allows you to accept credit cards for both Pull Tabs & Bar or Restaurant with no extra hardware.

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