How do you get out of the back office and start focusing on expanding your engagement, reach and impact?

Wave Good-bye to:

  • Pulltab state reports
  • Constant bookkeeping
  • Theft prevention worries
  • So much paperwork.....

 If you’re ready to retire that outdated cash register and old shoe-box full of records and receipts, Tab King can help!


Tab King is an affordable, super easy point of sale system that manages your food and beverage sales, as well as your entire pulltab operation, including:

  • Point of Sale
  • Automated inventory management
  • Customer/member management
  • Analytics for food & beverage, pull-tab, and bingo
  • Training for you and your team and
  • Access to our patient and knowledgeable software support team


Tab King takes care of a lot of the hassles and number crunching associated with running your business, like:

  • Sales & payout tracking
  • State & regulatory reporting
  • Age verification
  • Mobile analytics and
  • Customer loyalty rewards programs

Tab King processes transactions with debit cards, credit cards, cash and gift cards, and is fully PCI compliant.


  • Your team will spend less time crunching numbers and more time interacting with customers.
  • Feature-rich reporting enables you to know where your business is financially at all times.
  • Tab King provide an uncompromising level of accountability and security.

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